Garfield Park and Burton Woods

June 1,2021

Park # 18

250 Burton Street SE (between Madison and Jefferson) 30 acres

Garfield Park is located at 250  Burton St SE  (between Madison and Jefferson).  It is one of the city’s larger parks consisting of 36 acres including the adjacent Burton Woods, a wooded nature preserve of 6 acres on the SW side of Garfield. 

These parks provide an amazing green space in SE Grand Rapids and they have an even more amazing history.  

The park was established in 1906 with the donation of 25 acres from their family farm by Charles W. Garfield and his cousin, Julia Fletcher. Charles Garfield was a prominent citizen of GR who “did more than any person to shape the course of the physical city over a 40 year span from 1894 to 1934”(from Keep on the Grass, by the Grand Rapids Historical Comm.).   In addition to being a farmer, banker, and legislator, he also founded the Michigan Forestry Commission, lobbying for the early reforestation of Michigan, after logging had destroyed much of Michigan’s native woodland.  A commemorative marker at the base of a sycamore tree that he planted in Garfield Park, reads: Memory Tree, Chas. W. Garfield, Useful Citizen, Lover of Trees.  Although the influence of this “Useful Citizen” looms large in the history of our state and city, it is said that his modesty and love of nature stood out as the most important part of his legacy. 

Today the park boasts large open areas with many mature trees and playing fields for all types of sports, including an 18 “hole” disc golf course.  The park has a Kaboom playground, found in many of the city parks and picnic spaces with shelters. In 1953, 2 swimming pools, a wading pool and gymnasium were added.  The pools closed in 2010 but there is an effort  underway to bring a new splash pad to the park.  The gymnasium is now used as a community center. 

The 6 acre Burton Woods, adds a lovely natural area for walking, frequented by many local dog owners exercising their canine pals.

Giant Oak in Garfield Park

For more information on Charles Garfield and photos, check out the free web-accessible publication, Forest History Today, Fall 2017 edition, at

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Wild flowers in Burton Woods
Burton Woods
Charles W. Garfield, Useful Citizen and Lover of trees

Launch pad for the 16th disc golf basket-a tight course between trees!

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