Briggs Park

May 9, 2021

#16 Briggs Park 324 Knapp Avenue NE (at Oakwood NE) 6.55 Acres

After being closed during last summer (2020) due to the Covid pandemic, the 3 City swimming pools will be once again open for business this summer- 2021! This includes Briggs Park pool on the NE side!

The swimming pool is the dominant feature of Briggs Park and is a really neat facility. The pool depth ranges from the 2’4″ shallow end to the 12′ deep end with a diving board. A giant waterslide, concession stand, accessible handicap lift, restroom/locker room and picnic tables are all part of this turquoise blue oasis of summer fun. We walked along the outside of the fence this cool May Day, admiring the structure and visualizing a hot July day with dozens of kids, splashing, making noise and enjoying the “dog days” of summer. It took some conjuring as we were in our down coats, trees still in bud and the swimming pool was empty!

Another Kaboom park (we are beginning to recognize them now, distinctive bright colors and innovative structures). Also look for a basketball court, tennis courts and picnic shelter. Free public wifi!

Deep end of the pool for diving
The Monster waterslide at Briggs Park
At Briggs Park, another Kaboom Playground!

Below, natural materials used in playground structure of a Kaboom Playground

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