Lincoln Park

March 2, 2021

Park #13 Lincoln Park 1120 Bridge St. NW, Grand Rapids 49504 12.45 acres

Lincoln Park is a large neighborhood park on the NW side, bounded by Bridge Street on the north and Jackson on the south. A parking lot is accessed on the east side, off Marion Ave.

On this cold March day, snow was still deep in places, but the bright newer playground structures and the beautifully “muraled” park shelter house/community building drew us is. The shelter house is home to John Ball Area Neighbors, a NW neighborhood association which has a presence on Facebook. (I checked it out-pre-Covid looks very active.)

We had a nice stroll through the park, checked out the playground, the splash pad, the basketball courts and tennis courts. Large open area with lots of mature trees, benches and picnic tables must beckon neighbors in the warmer months.

This park was established in in the 1880s, making it one of the oldest parks in Grand Rapids. Many changes occurred through the years first with carriage paths, gardens, a fountain and later a dance/concert pavilion. A swimming pool was added in 1943, replaced in 2000. It was later removed in 2010 due to the expense of maintaining.

Postcard from 1910, sent to a relative. Interesting message on the reverse side!

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