Caulfield Park

January 18, 2021 Park #9 1115 Caulfield Ave. SW .32 Acres

Caulfield Park, the best tiniest bit of paradise for any toddler, right in your own back yard!

Yes, the best part of Caulfield park is its location, nestled between two streets and two houses, it’s super convenient for families living in the neighborhood. In the morning, or after dinner, grab your coffee, grab your kids, and go sit on a park bench, and watch them go up and down the slides and swings and jungle gym, while you chat with neighbors. You can stay after sundown as there is good lighting on the play structures. Primarily for younger children (sign says 2-12), Caulfield Park is mainly a playground, but what a playground!

Caulfield Park dates back to 1984, but it was renovated June 28, 2019 with support from Amway and KaBoom (a national non-profit working to bring neighborhood parks to kids). The new playground was installed in 6 hours by 200 volunteers, including Friends of Grand Rapids Parks and Amway employees. To say the least-we were impressed! Every neighborhood needs a “Caulfield.

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