Richmond Park

December 10, 2020

Park #5 Richmond Park, 1101 Richmond NW, Grand Rapids, 49504

If you are at all familiar with Richmond, you are probably picturing a sledding hill and ice skating pond. And in the summer add the generous swimming pool, now updated with water slides and splash pad. Richmond is all about recreation-also playground and a newly added concrete walkway around the duck pond (aka skating pond). But there is more to this park!

The park is bordered on the west side by a high bluff running from the sledding hill to north. From the top of that bluff looking east is a great view of the city.

This is a wooded natural area crisscrossed by sandy trails. Now the easy way to get there is to drive up Richmond Ave. to the back of the park, turn north on Garfield Ave and park on the side of the road. We learned the hard way, scaling a sand dune of a trail, almost straight up, leaning into the hill to prevent from falling backwards, (ok maybe a little exaggerated) but the climb was 177 feet on the Garmin. The effort was worth it, but maybe not for everyone.

This park was well used mid week when we visited, with moms and kids on the playground, walkers and some people there just to feed the sea gulls, ducks, and Canadian geese hanging out around the pond. (Watch your step!)

Check out Richmond Park, any season and you will find something interesting! Happy Trails!

One thought on “Richmond Park”

  1. This is the park I used to go to as a boy (long ago) for ice skating. From where we lived, I don’t think there were any uphills to the skating pond! It was cold back in those days! Never got there in the summer, though—then we moved to SE Grand Rapids.

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