November 20,2020

Hike #4, Ken O Sha Park,1353 Van Auken SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508

Ken O Sha trail map

I have driven past Ken O Sha Park hundreds of times but this is my first visit. The park is off Kalamazoo Ave. It is adjacent to Ken O Sha elementary school and incorporates the Plaster Creek Trail which runs 2.7 miles from the east park entrance westward to Buchanan Ave.  This park consists of 82.15 acres. 

 Plaster Creek with steep embankments on either side runs next to the paved trail. There is one bridge across this creek, close to the parking lot and from there you can wander along dirt paths on the north side of the creek where mountain bike trails course up and down the embankments. We crossed this bridge to explore the north edges of the park which unfortunately abutted factories and businesses, a reminder we were still in the city. 

We spent a pleasant hour walking through this wooded park.  Not very busy midweek, nice to have some space.

Log jam Plaster Creek
bike path Ken O Sha

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