Huff Park

Hike #3, Huff Park, 2399 Ball Ave. NE, Grand Rapids 49505

November 18, 2020

Huff Park has 2 entrances: on the east side, an athletic field parking lot which access the 6 ball diamonds (4 full size and 2 for little leaguers) and on the north, the Aberdeen parking lot  accessing the modern playground.  From both parking lots you can reach the hiking trail which encircles the very large wetland.  The trail has both boardwalk and gravel paths.  There is access to the middle of the marshland with a viewing platform.  The marsh is covered with tall grasses and cattails-we tried to find the sedges-reminded of the ditty “sedges have edges and rushes are round, grasses have nodes from their tips to the ground.”

Well, we tried. 

We took a grassy path off the main route, into a wooded area and towards the marsh.  There we came across a large multi-antlered buck and 2 does who bounded away from us. 

This was a great multi-use park with a good walking path, a little less than 1 mile around the wetlands.  The wildlife was a bonus. 

Highlights: boardwalk and marshland, deer if you are lucky! 

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