Aman Park

November 12, 2020

Park #1, Aman Park, 01895 Lake Michigan Drive NW, Grand Rapids,49504 (6 miles west of city boundary)

  Aman Park has 6.4 miles of hiking trails and 339 acres of woods, Sand Creek, foot bridges, ridges and the valley cut by the creek.  I have walked there in early spring when the forest floor is covered with white trilliums and in the summer under the green canopy of the forest and in the fall when the leaves present their beautiful gold and yellow colors. Winter is a special time for cross country skiers in Aman park as well. 

The park sits outside the city boundary and west of Standale on M45 on the way to Allendale and Grand Valley University. Adjacent to the park is Indian Trails Camp, a camp for children with disabilities. I was familiar with this camp for many years, as my brother Rich, who is blind, spent a summer there as a camper and had a great experience (era 1960?)

So on November 12, 2020, I officially started my quest to visit as many of the Grand Rapids City parks as possible in the next 12 months.  Scott and I drove out to Aman on this beautiful fall day, leaving Covid and the election behind us, to partake of nature in this beautiful setting.  Parking in the lot near the entrance, we took the trail along the east ridge until it led down a steep path into the valley cut by Sand Creek. Trees were bare and the forest floor and paths littered with leaves- mostly oak, maple and hickory. The path progresses along the creek with many small  rapids, and 2 bridges which we crossed.  There were a few markers noting exceptional wildflowers, -one for hepatica, a favorite of mine to find because of its scarcity.  The tri-lobed leaves, named after the 3 lobes of the liver, (anatomy 101) were easy to find although now a rusty brown color. Come back in the spring to find the delicate blue flowers of the hepatica.  

This park never disappoints me. I will be back for many more hikes in the future.

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  1. This is a favorite place for my husband and me to cross country ski when there is snow! Do you know how it became a “city park”, when it is so far out of GR city limits?

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